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JoJo & Gran Gran (seasons 2 & 3)

After animating on season 1 of JoJo & Gran Gran it was a pleasure to come back in a design role! I got to design some new environments, characters - including costumes and background statics, and props - including posing characters in Toon Boom and building upon them to create the many photos JoJo and Gran Gran take.

As lead my focus was often less on creating new assets myself, but on doing more technical breakdowns for other departments, addressing callouts, and supervising the rest of the team to ensure our work was the best it could be.


Props & Characters

Hairy Phonics

While at Nessy I got to create assets for their Hairy Phonics games. I'm particularly proud of the colour work I had the chance to do when coming up with the 4 sets of backgrounds for their "Yeti Fingers" game.

Incredible Ant (season 1)

Incredible Ant, a series created for Alibaba Group. I worked with the incredible team at Wildseed Studios as a Lead Props Artist to help bring the vibrant world of Xiao Yi and his friends to life.

Please note: Only the prop designs are mine. The character designs and storyboards pictured are not my work, and used as reference only.

Twin Temple - Let's Have A Satanic Orgy!

I was commissioned by LA band Twin Temple to direct and produce a music video for the English & Spanish versions of their song "Let's Have A Satanic Orgy!" referencing 1930s animation, the band's 60s doo-wop style, and the song's lyrics. You can watch the video here (18+, age verification required)


Sprinkles! (working title) is a personal design project I add to in my free time, inspired by female-oriented animated series of the 80's and 90's such as Care Bears and My Little Pony, combined with themes from magical girl anime.

The Death & Times of Daisy Pusher

The Death and Times of Daisy Pusher (working title) is a personal design project I add to in my free time, centering on a ghost who goes to school just like any other girl, and her friends at school and the cemetery.

Mixed Personal Work

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